Press Release – VIOD launches The Director Certification Program (DCP)

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Dec 17, 2018 – The Director Certification Program (DCP) is developed by the Vietnam Institute of Directors (VIOD) with technical support from the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a sister organization of the World Bank and a member of the World Bank Group. The DCP, a core component of VIOD’s Governance Excellent Program (GEP), is designed to serve the growing need for training on knowledge and skills needed for board of directors. This is dynamic and well recognized program where participants will receive DCP certificates issued by VIOD upon successful completion of the DCP assessments.

The first course, called the “DCP1”, will be held in Ho Chi Minh City from 10 to 12 Jan 2019. For more details about the DCP1 course, please visit the VIOD website

The three-full-day intensive face-to-face training sessions, led by speakers, facilitators and guest directors are experts and board members with in-depth knowledge and rich experiences of board environments and corporate governance, will equip participants with thorough knowledge of the responsibilities of directors and board members. The program is highly interactive by encouraging participants to share and discuss their own experiences, analyze relevant case studies, and develop their skills as a director in order to further their director career, strengthen understanding of international principles and good practices in corporate governance. Participants completing the first course – DCP1 will be certified by VIOD in honor of pioneers.

Besides benefits for individual directors, the DCP also brings big values to companies by strengthening the effectiveness of board operations, enhancing decision-making processes, improving risk management and control, and then preparing for potential public listing, attracting more external capital, and maximizing long-term sustainability. Mr. Kyle Kelhofer, IFC Country Manager for Vietnam, Cambodia and Lao PDR, said: “VIOD’s activities will support to improve governance standards in the domestic market and help train board members with competencies and skills to operate boardroom effectively. This will facilitate Vietnamese companies to better manage risks, improve profitability, and increase access to capital. ”

With the target audiences as the aspiring, newly-appointed and current board members, and senior executives of companies, the DCP affirms VIOD’s determination and taking a lead in finding effective and prompt solutions to promote the professionalism of the board of directors, to improve the quality on corporate governance, and to direct business growth in today’s harsh competitive environment.

“The ultimate goal of VIOD is to enhance the competence of board directors in Vietnam.”, said Dominic Scriven, Chairman of Dragon Capital Group. He added, “Throughout our 25-year investment journey in Vietnam, I have witnessed domestic firms struggle with the challenges of corporate governance. The number of independent and non-executive board members is totally insufficient, due to the serious lack of qualified candidates”. DCP commits to provide qualified candidates for independent board members.

About VIOD

The Vietnam Institute of Directors (VIOD) is an independent organization, which promotes corporate governance standards and best practices in the Vietnamese corporate sector. VIOD is a non-profit and social enterprise, aims to advance board professionalism, promote business ethics and transparency, create a pool for independent directors, build a network to connect corporate leaders and stakeholders, and help companies inspire investor confidence.

VIOD is governed by a board of directors comprising private sector representatives — in collaboration with and supported by the SSC, HOSE and HNX under the Vietnam Corporate Governance Initiative. Our board members encompass a diverse group of business leaders and advocates of good corporate governance in Vietnam. They include senior dignitaries from investment funds, well-known international legal and accounting firms, and independent board members of prominent companies in the market.

VIOD was formed with technical support from the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a sister organization of the World Bank and a member of the World Bank Group and the Switzerland’s State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO). For more information, visit

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