Director Certification Program – DCP2 successfully held by VIOD in Hanoi

The second Director Certification Program – DCP2 was successfully held in Hanoi by Vietnam Institute of Director (VIOD) during three days from 9 – 11 May 2018, with technical support of IFC, a member of the World Bank Group. With good corporate governance attracting more and more attention in Vietnam, DCP has been designed to serve a growing need of directors by providing them with much needed knowledge and skills and further developing their professionalism and understanding of key corporate governance principles and practices.

Case studies and group discussion

The program was a success thanks to the devoted facilitation and sharing of the speakers and facilitators who possessed sound knowledge and extensive practical experiences on board activities and corporate governance. Besides, in order to enrich knowledge and develop skills of the directors and executives, a significant amount of time in the program was reserved for participants to study and discuss experiences in dealing with practical cases that were, are, and will be faced by any business.

Panel Discussion: Absorption – How do we start?

“VIOD’s second Director Certification Program (DCP2) is very beneficial for board members.  The program provides comprehensive information for board members. VIOD should continue to expand the program,” said Nguyen Tien Vy, a director of Sai Gon Beer – Alcohol – Beverage Corporation (SABECO).

Sharing real experiences

Apart from providing knowledge and experience on corporate governance, DCP also aims to provide an opportunity for networking, creating a network of excellent colleagues from different fields, making joint efforts to develop corporate governance in Vietnam.

“We meet us”: DCP2 Networking Cocktail

It was the second program held by VIOD upon success of DCP1 (held from 10-12 January 2019) with nearly 30 participants from the business community. It is expected that two more DCPs will be held by VIOD in 2019 to meet the demand of the businesses, particularly listed companies.


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