Vietnam Institute of Directors and the State Securities Commission of Vietnam formally established the cooperation to strengthen the sustainable development of the market

Mr. Tran Van Dzung – Chairman of the SSC and Madame Ha Thu Thanh – Chairperson of VIOD, represented two parties to sign the MOU with the presence of Madame Vu Thi Mai – Deputy Minister of MOF, Mr. Vu Bang – Member of the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Group and Chairman of VCGI and other representatives from VIOD’s Board & Council of Advisors, Hanoi Stock Exchange and the International Finance Corporation (IFC).


Hanoi, Vietnam, 24th June 2019The State Securities Commission (SSC) and Vietnam Institute of Directors (VIOD) signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as an official remark of the cooperation between the two parties on supporting professional activities of Board of Directors (BOD).

This event marks an important milestone in the cooperative relationship between VIOD and the SSC to enhance good corporate governance practices in the market” said Madame Ha Thu Thanh, Chairman of VIOD. “As an independent organization with the mission of promoting corporate governance standards and best practices in the Vietnamese corporate sector, VIOD expects the cooperation between the two parties will contribute to promote the effective corporates governance activities in the market, to attract investors and thereby to enhance the position of Vietnam’s stock market.” On behalf of VIOD’s Board of Directors and Management, Madame Ha Thu Thanh expressed her sincere thanks to everyone whose dedication and efforts had made significant contributions to support and encourage VIOD in the first year of operation, especially Chairman Tran Van Dung, the SSC’s Departments, Stock Exchanges, together with strong technical support from the International Finance Corportion IFC and the Switzerland’s State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO.

Mr. Tran Van Dzung – Chairman of the SSC and Madame Ha Thu Thanh – Chairperson of VIOD shake hands after signing the MOU of cooperation between SSC and VIOD

Addressing at the MOU signing ceremony, Chairman Tran Van Dzung emphasized SSC’s ongoing support and partnership with VIOD in expanding programs and promoting good practices of corporate governance in Vietnam. On this occasion, he also represented the SSC to extend his congratulations to the first members awarded DCP certificate in DCP1 and DCP2 held by VIOD. He expressed the wish that these members will become ambassadors and seeds continuously growing and spreading VIOD’s programs in particular, as well as the stories of corporate governance in Vietnam in general.

In accordance with provision of the MOU, the SSC and VIOD agreed on the mutual objectives in building and connecting the network of Vietnam’s Board of Directors, through out many events, particularly Governance Awareness Programs and Governance Excellent Programs provided by VIOD to the market.

Specifically, the MOU focuses on many areas, including: issuing guidelines on best practices in corporate governance which are applicable to public companies, listed companies, those guildelines can be in the form of handbooks, toolkits, research articles; as well as participating, appearing on suitable public forums to promote best corporate governance practices – which may include workshops, conferences, and other public events; organizing events of the same interest related to corporate governance; and representing for Vietnam to participate in the ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard (ACGS) Program, which are annually organized in the region.

Representatives of leaders at the signing ceremony

After the MOU Signing, VIOD has also conducted the Awarding ceremory to recognize the efforts of the 50 members who successfully completed the VIOD’s first two Director Certification Program (DCP1 and DCP2) in Vietnam. In addition, as a special proposal from VIOD’s Board of Directors, the event greatly honored and awarded DCP certificates to the first three (03) honorary members of VIOD to acknowledge the efforts that these members have contributed to the development of good corporate governance progress in the market.

Mdme. Vu Thi Mai, Deputy Minister of MOF and Mdme. Ha Thu Thanh presented the Award and DCP certificates to the first honorary members of VIOD – Mr. Tran Van Dzung and Mr. Vu Bang.
Representatives of DCP1 and DCP2 take a souvenir photo after receiving the certificate


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