2019 Annual Forum – “Building Board Leadership Toward Future Success”

Event: 2019 Annual Forum: “Building Board Leadership Toward Future Success”

Time: December 03, 2019 (8:15 – 16:30)

Venue: Grand Ballroom 1-3, level 2, Intercontinental Hanoi Westlake Hotel


Hanoi, Vietnam, 12/03/2019 – Today, the Vietnam Institute of Directors (VIOD) organize the Annual Corporate Governance Forum 2019 on “Building Board Leadership Toward Future Success”. The event is held in partnership with the State Securities Commission of Vietnam (SSC), Hanoi Stock Exchanges (HNX), Diligent, VinaCapital, Talentnet, Deloitte, Dragon Capital, PwC Việt Nam with technical support by International Finance Corporation (IFC), Switzerland’s State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and the Government of Japan.

With participation from leading national and international experts, senior executives from corporations and professional organizations, the Forum focused on building board leadership capabilities and mindsets to overcome new challenges, grasp opportunities toward future success.

Mr. Dominic Scriven (Chairperson of Dragon Capital, Vice Chairperson of VIOD) gave the opening remarks and a presentation about Board Leadership in Vietnam context.

The Board of Directors sits at the center of the corporate governance system and plays critical roles in direction and oversight of the company. Board leadership is expressed most powerfully and crucially during times of transition and rapid development economy to ensure the business remains competitive.

Ms. Elisa Mallis (Managing Director and Vice President of Asia Pacific Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)) presented the result of the recent research on Board Leadership in Asia.

Joining this forum, participants had unparalleled opportunities to discuss key trends and challenges of the Board Leadership in the link to the Vietnam’s newly launched Corporate Governance Code of Best Practices. This forum also helped enhancing their understanding of best governance practices related to particular topics of their interests, together with networking and sharing of experience with peer directors, investors, local and international experts.

Panel discussion in Plenary session “Building Board Leadership Toward Future Success”

In the plenary session in the morning, the forum discussed about Board Leadership in Vietnam context, as well as the global emerging trends in board leadership to success, focusing on the role of board members in Corporate Governance Code and best practice sharing by an ASEAN Company. Participants also had opportunities to resolve their concerns in particular topics in the afternoon breakout sessions including: (i) Board Recruitment and Remuneration for Public Companies; (ii) Corporate Governance for Unlisted Public Company Market (UPCoM); and (iii) Corporate Governance for Family Owned Businesses. Through the three breakout sessions in the afternoon, participants shared the best practices and experiences from investors’ perspectives on corporate governance at various types of enterprises, as well as discussed on obstacles, challenges and opportunities toward future success of the businesses.

Panel discussion on “The Obstacles in Board Remuneration to attract and nominate right Board members”


Panel discussion on “Corporate Governance in Unlisted Public Companies: Opportunities and Challenges”


Panel discussion on “Using Corporate Governance to strengthen your Family Owned Business”

This forum attracted more than 150 participants who are leading national and international experts; Board members, C-Suites from listed companies, UPCoM companies, pre-IPO companies and family-owned businesses; regulators, investment funds and media.

The 2019 Annual Forum was assessed as a prestigious professional event that contributed greatly and effectively to the business community towards future success, and demonstrated VIOD’s efforts in promoting the professionalism of the Board of Directors, who direct and oversight the growth of companies in the competitive world market.


About VIOD

The Vietnam Institute of Directors (VIOD) is a professional organization, which enhances the awareness and promotes corporate governance standards and best practices in the Vietnamese corporate sector. VIOD aims to advance board professionalism, promote business ethics and transparency, create a pool for independent directors, build a network to connect corporate leaders and stakeholders, and help companies inspire investor confidence.

 In March 2018, VIOD was legally formed as part of the Vietnam Corporate Governance Initiatives (VCGI), with technical support from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Switzerland’s State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO). VIOD operates in close collaboration with and supported by the SSC, HOSE and HNX.

 VIOD’s Board of Directors includes representatives of various private sector representatives, senior dignitaries from investment funds, well-known international legal and accounting firms, and independent board members of prominent companies in the market. For more information, visit www.viod.vn


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