The 4th Director Certification Program remarked a full year of VIOD’s outstanding effort to strengthen Board leadership competency in Vietnam

DCP4 was held from December 4-6, 2019, with the enthusiastic participation of members

VIOD has organized the 4th Director Certification Program – DCP4 in Hanoi for three days from 4 to 6 December 2019, with significant support by the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

This is the last program of 2019, marking the success of the VIOD’s first year to organize DCP – the core component of VIOD’s Governance Excellent Program (GEP), designed to serve the growing need for Board of Directors in Vietnamese companies who want to understand and apply international standards and principles of corporate governance.

Program participants were mostly Board members, as well as individuals holding leadership positions in businesses operating in Vietnam.

More specifically, DCP4 took place right after VIOD had successfully held the biggest event of the year, which is: “Annual Forum 2019 – Building Board Leadership Toward Future Success”. In the context of the global impact from the increasing instability of the economy and politics, businesses in the world in general and in Vietnam in particular is facing many difficulties and challenges, the role and the capacity of the Board are factors that should be top priority and focused on improving so that businesses can fit their strategic direction, firmly overcome obstacles and become increasingly successful.

Listening and sharing knowledge and practical experiences in corporate governance together

VIOD is also making continuous efforts to build and strengthen board leadership competency in Vietnamese businesses, contributing to the creation of a community with professional directors who are ready and capable of steering business toward future success.

With participation from the majority of Board members, and individual corporate leaders operating in Vietnam, DCP4 has created opportunities for learning and knowledge sharing, rewardingly practical experience exchanging by working on case studies in corporate governance, via group discussions, role-playing and real-life case solving, Q&A and much more between the participants and with facilitators who are professionals, business leaders in many various fields.

Mr. Nguyen Quang Thuan, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the FiinGroup, commented: “Despite much research on OECD’s corporate governance standards and hands-on experiences being Chairman of the Board with 6 directors at FiinGroup over the past ten years, but indeed, the program can help discover a lot of new things in addition to what I have previously learned by working in practice. I really better understand the role of board members and realize how to find out board members in order to promote their value to the company and not just thinking of the board as a “supervisor” of the management.”

“I would like to express my thanks to VIOD and facilitators who accompanied us during the 3 days of the program to bring knowledge, valuable and useful lessons with the DCP4 journey. To me, this is a fully impressive experience and I hope that the next VIOD’s programs will be more and more successful.” Ms. Nguyen Ngoc My, CEO of Foodinco Land JSC and board member of Alphanam Group, shared.

Case studies and group discussions

Released on August 13, 2019 by the State Securities Commission and IFC, the Vietnam Corporate Governance Code of Best Practices for Public Companies are incorporated into all DCP Programs from that time, along with knowledge of governance framework under the existing legal provisions of Vietnam and the latest international governance practices.

In 2019, VIOD and its partnership with the assistance of organizations and individuals have made efforts to continuously carry out meaningful and helpful programs and events which may earn the positive recognition of the business community and the participants in the market. VIOD is still in the process of improving and upgrading operations to successfully achieve the new year goal – 2020 with quality programs and publications, thereby gradually asserting its role and mission.

Ms. Luu Thi Thao, Deputy General Director, Vietnam Prosperity JSC Bank (VPBank), expressed her belief that the members participating in the DCP courses will be ambassadors in improving corporate governance for the companies where they work and spreading positive energy to the community, which cooperate with each other in building and improving the prestige of Vietnam in the investment community: “If 20 years ago, the application of good  practices on International Accounting Standards (IAS), Basel regulatory framework and risk management for banks… might sound far-fetched for Vietnamese businesses at that time, but today this story has become a reality. The story of good corporate governance practices is the same, I believe in the prospect of the next 5-10 years, Vietnam will be trusted and highly appreciated by the investor community as well as other countries in the region. VIOD and we, let’s make our dreams come true together!”.


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