The 6th Director Certification Program has proven the resilience of business leaders during COVID-19 time

The 6th Director Certification Program (DCP6) has been successfully conducted in three days from 23 to 25 September 2020, by the Vietnam Institute of Directors (“VIOD”) with significant technical support by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in collaboration with SECO and Japanese Government. The program was held in Hanoi right after the second wave of Covid-19 has been under control in Vietnam.

DCP6 was held from 23-25 September 2020 in Hanoi, right after the second wave of Covid-19 has been under control in Vietnam

DCP is known as the core component of VIOD’s Governance Excellent Program (GEP), is designed to serve the growing needs for professional development on knowledge and skills needed for Board of Directors. The DCP is updated continuously in line with the global Institute of Director standards to provide valuable and practical programs to participants who want to understand and apply internationally recognized good corporate governance practices in Vietnamese companies. From the first program (DCP1) in January 2019 till now, the DCP content was strictly aligned with the set objectives and increasingly attracted the participation of business leaders in Vietnam.

Most of DCP6 participants were leaders of private (unlisted) companies

Specifically, 70% of DCP6 participants were leaders of private joint stock companies while those of previous DCP courses mainly came from listed companies. This shows that the value of the DCP Program has spread more widely to the members in the market and affirms the initial success of VIOD in promoting corporate governance in Vietnamese private sector.

Case studies and group discussions

Since DCP5, the program resumed in the “new normal” stage, DCP6 has been conducted in hybrid mode, a physical training with online connection with international facilitators, amid the on-going COVID-19. DCP6 continues to achieve success mainly thanks to the enthusiastic guidance and sharing of domestic and international facilitators for each module, and the active interaction of participants physically via group discussions or virtually through digital tools. Moreover, the facilitators have the in-depth expertise, plenty of practical experiences related to the Board responsibilities and other related corporate governance matters. This helped participants find their own answer and solution for their real case problems that they are facing in the role of business leader.

Adapt the in-person content for virtual facilitation
A group played a role of “Board of Directors” to answer questions from “Shareholder” groups

In addition to providing knowledge and practical guidance for corporate governance implementation, VIOD always focuses on updating new content and regulations in DCP programs to keep abreast of actual practices and the best practices. New provisions of the Law on Enterprises, Law on Securities and other new regulations such as the Circular 66/2020/TT-BTC promulgating the sample template of Internal Audit Charter were included in the program. The Vietnam Corporate Governance Code of Best Practices for Public Companies issued by the SSC and IFC is still a valuable guideline incorporated in the program to encourage the corporate governance practices beyond compliance. A new topic on Board Culture has been introduced since DCP5. Corporate Culture can be defined as the shared values and shared beliefs that characterize the way work gets done, and Culture is shaped by leaders’ actions and decisions. This module is well-received by the participants as it helps enhancing their understanding about the contribution of culture factor to the Board Effectiveness.

Ms. Dao Thi Thu Giang, Chairman of Virex Joint Stock Company, shared : “For me, taking part in DPC6 course is an interesting experience that equipped me with knowledge and practices of corporate governance and then apply the ideas and knowledge discussed in the coursework to the practical situations. As the result, I have clear understanding of the Board’s roles to do my job better. DPC6 is a great opportunity for me to meet with very enthusiastic and humorous facilitators, share experiences and made lovely new friends. Thank you so much VIOD! ”

Graduated members gathered in DCP Certificate Award & Alumni Networking event in Hanoi

On the evening of September 23, 2020, the DCP Certificate Award took place solemnly for the members successfully completed the DCP3, DCP4 and DCP5. In this event, VIOD was honored to welcome guests who are representatives from Regulatory Agencies, VIOD’s Council of Advisors and Board of Directors and members of the DCP alumni.

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