Corporate governance in the UK is globally respected and is a framework trusted by investors when deciding where to allocate capital. In order to make sure the UK moves with the time, a new Code of Corporate Governance has been issued in July 2018. This new Code considers economic and social issues and will help to guide the long-term success of UK businesses.

Whistle-blowing is considered as a major component of fraud-risk management framework. The whistle-blowing mechanism not only helps to detect wrong-doing in organizations, but is also used as a corporate governance tool, which prevents and deters fraudulent activity. An effective mechanism requires strong protection of whistleblowers, a right person/department to handle the reports, a robust procedure to follow up with the reported cases and many more. Too often whistleblowers are either characterized as heroes who are entirely altruistic, or as troublemakers whose motives are entirely selfish, with little in-between.

“How whistle blowing and corporate governance code helps Vietnamese companies” event co-organized by The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and Vietnam Institute of Directors (VIOD) will address the corporate governance and particularly whistleblowing issues in Vietnam. The ICAEW and VIOD experts as well as voices from regulators and Vietnamese business community will discuss the above issues from different perspectives.

To register your attendance, please email to or call +84 913585848 by 28 September 2018.

Further information and details below:

Invitation (English)
Invitation (Vietnamese)

Start Time / Thời gian bắt đầu

9:00 sáng

Thứ Sáu, 05/10/2018

Finish Time / Thời gian kết thúc

11:30 sáng

Thứ Sáu, 05/10/2018

Venue / Địa điểm

Pullman Hotel, 40 Cat Linh, Hanoi

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Program Fee / Lệ phí